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custom designs

Our artists are highly skilled and can create custom designs that help the client convey their tattoo's significance. If a client only comes prepared with an idea or a rough sketch, our artists can work their magic to make the client's idea come to life.

reworking a bad tattoo

A cover-up tattoo in today's world is a new tattoo that incorporates, or disguises, the original. Whether it was a tattoo created in bad taste, a past mistake, or a tattoo that simply needs to be livened up, our designers can rework an old tattoo into something new!

covering a scar

Scar coverings are used for a wonderful variety of reasons including:

  • Disguising a scar with color, shape, design, and placement;
  • Creating a beautiful work of art to counteract a painful experience;
  • Helping people celebrate survival, health, and life;
  • Helping people reclaim their body after illness or injury;
  • Adding femininity after mastectomy surgery.
  • limits in covering a scar

    What are the limits of tattooing over scar?

  • It cannot change the texture of scar.
  • The tattoo will not erase the scar.
  • The skin may hold the ink differently: lines may be less defined, and color may need a second session.
  • Still, there is so much that can be done within these limits

    Which designs are best and which are discouraged?

  • Organic designs with depth and varying color are the most appealing.
  • Lettering, tribal, and Celtic designs are less successful due tonegative space where the scar will remain visible.

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