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What are the Risks?

Persons with certain conditions including, but not limited to, diabetes, hemophilia or epilepsy, are at a higher risk for complications and should consult a physician before undergoing a body art prodecure.

  • Infection Dirty needles can pass infections, like hepatitis and HIV, from one person to another.Allergies Allergies to various ink pigments in both permanent and temporary tattoos have been reported and can cause problems.Scarring Unwanted scar tissue may form when getting or removing a tattoo.Granulomas These small knots or bumps may form around material that the body perceives as foreign, such as particles of tattoo pigment.MRI complications People may have swelling or burning in the tattoo when they have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This happens rarely and does not last long.
  • Safe tattoo administration

    Public Act 149, which was enacted in December of 2007, indicates that individuals shall not tattoo, brand, or perform body piercing on another individual unless the tattooing, branding, or body piercing occurs at a body art facility licensed by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Body art facilities are required to be in compliance with the “Requirements for Body Art Facilities,” which provide guidelines for safe and sanitary body art administration.

    Licensed by Michigan, our company is committed to your safety. If you wish to file a complaint or have concerns about potential health risks, please visit

    Plasma and blood donation

    Compliance with PA 149 regulations allows our clients, which received a Tattoo or Piercing from our State Licensed facility, to donate blood and plasma.

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